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"Busch's has been doing business with Telesis for the last four years and we couldn't be happier. They consistently provide great value for each dollar spent and we can honestly say that we have had no ..."
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Nothing gives peace of mind like a sense of security. Ultimately, if we all could have complete emotional, financial, spiritual, occupational and physical security - we would achieve bliss. While leaving it to others for the first four, Telesis Electronics can provide you with physical security solutions that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Whether that comes from a closed circuit television system, an alarm system monitored 24/7/365, or both - Telesis can provide security bliss.


Closed Circuit Television solutions from Telesis Electronics can provide security cameras throughout your home that integrate into your whole-house video distribution system. Now, while watching your favorite movie, you can bring up the PIP window on your TV to see the pizza delivery at your front door. Or, peek in on the baby's room while still snuggled in your bed! The practical and convenient uses of a home CCTV system go far beyond simple exterior perimeter monitoring to make it a necessary element in your overall home technology plan. Security systems from Telesis Electronics can allow amazing, live interactions with your home from anywhere in the world - such as this:
A business executive that was traveling abroad had scheduled an appointment in his home for contractors to do some work. Upon the contractors arrival at his home, he was notified on his PDA by the home. He then deactivated the alarm, opened the garage door, and monitored their movement through his home on his PDA. When they were done, he closed the garage, set the alarm and watched them drive away - all of this from Europe!


Of all of the advantages that technology solutions from Telesis Electronics can provide, none is more important than the safety of your family and your belongings. That is why no home should be without the added security features that a monitored alarm system from Telesis can provide. For the lowest monthly service fee in the industry, Telesis offers 24/7/365 peace of mind. A variety of sensing devices can be installed throughout your home that communicate with a base to notify the central station of alarms. First responders are dispatched immediately. Although you cannot put a price on safety, when the security solution is provided by Telesis Electronics, it's nice to see that the price is reasonable!
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