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"I strongly recommend the professional service, expertise and products provided by Telesis Electronics. In all of my business locations (Bakers of Milford, The South Lyon Hotel and Highland's Comeback Inn) as well as my personal residence ..."
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You have arrived at Telesis Electronics. Your search for quality home electronic solutions at a realistic price has ended. We have over 25 years of experience in making technology work in homes just like yours.
The key differentiator between Telesis Electronics and virtually every other home theater company is that we don't pretend. We aren't stuffy techno-intellectuals who will try to dazzle you with how much jargon we can use. We won't pretend to know it all - but we will listen to your needs, discuss your budget, and offer our proven technologies to meet these requirements.
In addition, we'll be there to help you overcome any "techno phobia" that your new systems may induce. If you're truly tired of trying to decide which home electronics integrator to choose - do yourself a favor and call or e-mail us at Telesis. You won't regret it.

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Home Theater Michigan - Home Automation Systems | Telesis Electronics - ea5The Control4® EA-5 has the exceptional horsepower, control capabilities and design to run even the most demanding control system. Developed as the foundation of every Control4® install, the EA-5 has the features and processing power to connect to and control everything in a typical home or light commercial automation system.
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