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South Lyon’s Trusted Choice for Electronics Installations Since 1985

Learn About Telesis Electronics: Smart Home Automation in South Lyon, MI - about-houseTelesis Electronics: Technology Integration for a 21st Century Home

Telesis Electronics is a communications systems integrator specializing in the concept of total home and commercial electronics. As a Telesis customer, you are in the hands of a company that understands the intricacies of today's commercial and consumer electronics industries. Additionally, we also know the environments where this technology will be - your home or office.

We have acquired this knowledge through many years of one-on-one interaction with home buyers, consultants and architects, builders and building trade workers, and equipment manufacturers. We understand the specific needs that each of these groups has, and how they are dependent on one another to produce the results that you envision.

We provide the “glue” to make electronics systems "stick" together in an intuitive way to create your unique Digital Home.

We Began as a Commercial Audio Integration Company

Founded in 1985 as Westside Sound & Communications, primarily a commercial sound sub-contractor, the business that was to become Telesis Electronics enjoyed a reputation in its early years as a group of hungry young technicians that welcomed the challenges and hurdles of sound system integration within industrial and commercial spaces that others wouldn't touch.

During this time, the company created the foundation of its future successes by instilling the core values of a strong work ethic and concern for the outcome within critical employees who would later pass this on to future staffers.

Putting the Consumer First with Audio and Video Integration Demos

In 1990, Westside Sound and Communications began to focus on the growing home electronics market that had migrated inland from the coasts and started to create interest among developers and enthusiasts.

We decided to add complete home theater and bedroom demo areas to our office. These immersive demo areas allowed prospective home buyers the opportunity to experience audio and video integration in a closed environment before they invested in it. When they visited our office, they were able to experiment with the audio and video integration to see first hand what options had the best potential to meet their individual needs and wants.

This sales technique soon proved to be a "must-have" for all dealers. Consumers could instantly imagine the possibilities available to them when they had the opportunity to experience the system for themselves.

We Took a New Name, But Continue Providing the Same Level of Excellence!

Telesis Total Home and Commercial Electronics, Inc was founded 1994 to better identify with the core business and create an opportunity for the company to expand into other areas of home electronics integration.

Today, the company is located in South Lyon, Michigan, as it has been since the beginning. The original spirit of those early days can still be seen in each employee as they tackle the new challenges of the digital era. Each of us continues to work with the same dedication to detail and concern for our customers as always.

Contact us today by calling us at (248) 486-3720 to set up your free consultation.