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Control 4® home automation products make sophisticated home automation and control practical and affordable for every home. We give you simple, centralized control over your lights, music, home theater, temperature and security system.



The home has evolved over time from a place to eat, sleep and relax into one that allows us to conduct business, shop, research, and meet with each other. The driving force behind these changes has been the evolution of communication technologies that has enabled these advances. Telesis Electronics provides complete telephone, Internet and intercom solutions to allow your home to communicate - from the basement to the bedroom or across the globe.


Everybody knows about the advantages of the Internet - if you didn't, you wouldn't be here now. All of the wonderful features of the Internet are available to you in any room in your home with a home network installed by Telesis Electronics. Whether it is a hard-wired network or one that relies on the latest wireless technologies, Telesis Electronics can provide the stuff to get your home surfing in no time. We can assist you in the provisioning of Internet services from the phone, cable or satellite companies, as well as setting up your Internet-ready entertainment devices.


As the original home electronics innovation, the intercom - while maintaining its primary function of facilitating simple inter-home communication, has evolved into an essential security element for ID verification and access control. In addition to allowing spoken communication between remote areas of the house, the intercom also can serve as an electronic sentry, giving access to the home upon command or as a means of providing basic background music when not serving its primary function.


Although it is a basic home necessity, telephone systems from Telesis Electronics are anything but basic. We can provide wired and wireless units for your home that allow for all of the same features that are seen on business systems: multi-lines, voice mail, paging, intercom, and integration with carrier services like call forwarding, caller ID, and more.
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