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"I have thoroughly enjoyed the sound system and entertainment package that Telesis installed for us. Everything was installed exactly how I wanted it, and the system came out looking ..."
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Telesis Electronics provides all of the necessary pieces to put the puzzle of home automation together, seamlessly.


Distributed audio systems from Telesis Electronics fill every room of your home with beautiful sound - from Mozart on CD into the Study, Brittany on the iPod dock into the daughter's room, or the big game on the Patio - all at the same time!

Home Theater

The professionals at Telesis Electronics are masters at bringing the full theater experience: big, sharp, vibrant video coupled with deep, immersive surround audio - to basements or Rec rooms like yours.


Whether that comes from a closed circuit television system, an alarm system monitored 24/7/365, or both - Telesis can provide security bliss.

Smart Lighting

Intelligent lighting control for your home will provide security and energy cost savings by keeping necessary areas lit and others dark.


Telesis Electronics provides complete telephone, Internet and intercom solutions to allow your home to communicate - from the basement to the bedroom or across the globe.

Aging at Home

For less than the cost of one month in an assisted living facility, you can install CloseBy Network and monitor your loved one's activities in the home with messages sent by emails, texts, or the Internet.
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